Research topics are working in progress at the NEB are: 


NB1: Chemo-Bio sensors and nano-kits for diagnostics:

+ Electrochemical bio-chemo sensors (DNA- and immuno probe)

+ Optical bio-chemo sensors (Plasmonic- and SERS probe)

+ QCM bio-chemo sensor (Quartz crystal microbalance probe)

+ Magnetic biodetection (Magneto-impedance probe)

NB2: Nanoparticles & nanocomposites for biomedicine, healthcare and environment:

+ Nanocomposites, core-shell nanoparticles, hybrid nanomaterials for nanomedicine and theranostics

+ Interaction and cyto-toxicity of nanoparticles on mammalian and bacterial cells

+ Functional nanomaterials for treatments of infectious diseases and cancer diseases

+ Advanced nanohybrids and nanocomposites for drinking water treatments

+ Multi-functional nanostructures for magnetic hyperthermia and photothermal therapy

NE1: Energy conversions:

+ Polymer nanocomposites for Pt-free low-cost DSSCs

+ High-efficiency perovskite solar cells

NE2: Energy storage and harvesting:

+ Micro-Nano Supercapacitor

+ Hybrid nanomaterials for energy harvesting

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