Tran Trong An
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Full name: TRAN TRONG AN

Date of birth: January 28th, 1981                 Sex and marital status : Male, Married
Place of birth : Thanh Hoa – Vietnam                       Nationality : Vietnamese


Bachelor of Physics From September, 1999 to June, 2003,
College of Science, Vietnam National University, Hanoi (VNU)
Specialization Quantum Optics
Master of Science in Materials Science From September, 2003 to July, 2003
International Training Institute for Materials Science (ITIMS),
Hanoi University of Technology (HUT)
Specialization Opto-electronics Materials


Duration:April 2009, to Present
Position:PhD candidate
Institution:Electronic Components, Technology and Materials Laboratory (ECTM), Delft Institute of Microsystems and Nanoelectronics (DIMES), Delft University of Technology
Research topics: - Deposition of AlN thin-films by sputtering technique
                            - Fabrication of AlN piezoelectric devices
Duration:January 2008, to March 2009
Position:Research Associate
Institution:Department of Nano Science and Nano technology, Hanoi Advanced school of Science and Technology (HAST),Hanoi University of Technology (HUT)
Research topics: -  Fabrication of p-type ZnO thin-films
              - Synthesis of blue-emitting phosphor powder
Duration:September 2005, to December 2007,
Position:Research Associate,
Institution:Opto-electronics Materials Section, International Training Institute for Materials Science (ITIMS),Hanoi University of Technology (HUT)
Research topics: -  Fabrication of transparent conducting ZnO thin-films
              - Synthesis of ZnS, ZnO nano structures


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5.      A.T.Tran,O. Wunnicke, G. Pandraud, M. D. Nguyen, H.Schellevis and P. M. SarroSlender piezoelectric cantilevers of high quality AlN layers sputtered on Ti thin film for MEMS actuators, Accepted, Sensors and Actuators A: Physical.
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