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Congratulation to Le Thanh Huy, this manuscript has been accepted for publication in Journal of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology-Special Issue "Nanomaterials for an Enviroment 2.0"

Effect of synthesis parameters on the structure and magnetic properties of magnetic manganese ferrite/silver composite nanoparticles synthesized by wet chemistry method

Le Thanh Huy, Le Thi Tam, Vu Ngoc Phan, Tran Trung, Le Minh Tung, ...
Congratulation to Ms. Huong, this manuscript has been accepted for publication in Journal of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology.

Facile Synthesis and Excellent Adsorption Property of GO-Fe3O4 Magnetic Nanohybrids for Removal of Organic Dyes.

Pham Thi Lan Huong, Ninh Thi Huyen, Chu Duy Giang, Nguyen Tu, Vu Ngoc Phan, Nguyen Van Quy, Tran Quang Huy, Dang Thi Minh Hue, Huynh Dang Chinh, Anh-Tuan Le

2015 JCR Release

This release of Journal Citation Reports provides 2014 data. The 2015 data will be made available in the 2016 Journal Citation...

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Dr. Huy's manuscript in collaboration with Dr. Thanh at UK entitled Protein A conjugated iron oxide nanoparticles for separation of Vibrio cholerae from water samples was published at Faraday Discussions 2014
Dr. Tuan's manuscript entitled Photochemical decoration of silver nanoparticles on graphene oxide nanosheets and their optical characterization was published at Journal of Alloys and Compounds 2014
Dr. Quy's manuscript entitled Graphene-coated quartz crystal microbalance for detection of volatile organic compounds at room temperature was published at Thin Solid Films 2014
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